Mobile installer

Manage your artists, from your mobile.


Artist Profile

A clear and fast overview of your artist. Last 5 contracts, last 5 casting proposals, contact info, invoice & personal info, all in one.

Artist Roster

Artists are organized into lists of roster & non roster artists.
Easily accessible and searchable.


Casting Search

Match known castings to your artists. Search by voicetype, season, between certain dates, or specific roles / composers. You can directly propose them trough the system or block their calendars.


Repertoire & Casting from calendar

Managemyartists can select the gaps in your artists calendar, show them and find castings which match the durations of the gaps, so your artist has a full calendar.


Personal forms in a second. Email ready

No more shared google drive, dropbox or sending word files to eachother. A click on the button is all that is needed.