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About us

How we started, who we are & what drives us.

In 2013, our site was launched as an invoice generation tool.
After the initial (wordpress) version we realized how lacking the project was, an invoice generator by itself is pointless.
You would still have to manually add the recipient, beneficiary, amount and description of the services.

All of which could be automated to save time for the agency.
After this we started collaborating with multiple managements to create the tools needed to be an effective Platform for agencies.

Our Goal:
We are committed to making agencies work easier, more efficient, transparent and faster.

We believe:
Software should be available to everyone, for a fair price.
Repetative chores should be automated.
Your data should be that, YOUR data. We don't analyse your data for our uses. We are not owned by an agency.
Software should be updated and maintained for free if your services are subscription based.